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Thread: Gst audit

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    Default Gst audit

    I am currently subject to a audit in which the auditor is stating she does not believe my gst sales because i am not making industry standards. She is also basing her opinion on a google map image on my shop front showing a bench along the window with seating.

    We are a business that is 90% wholesale of bread which doesn't include gst and do minimal retail sales ie less than $50k a year.

    Any advice on how to handle this as she is trying to push that I am not declaring gst.

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    Are you able to account for all sales in the business - both cash and credit? If so, you don't have anything to worry about. With that said, you still need to be careful in how you deal with the auditor as they are trained and told that "if they don't find anything wrong than they (the auditor) are doing their job wrong". Don't be scared to have your accountant and/lawyer ready to step in as well.

    Also, there's a funny thing about standards and averages where half the group is above the average and the other half is below it.
    Brad Miedema
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